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How to write compelling product descriptions

How to write compelling product descriptions seems like a dying art to some business owners. After discussing product descriptions with a few business owners, I came to the conclusion that the art of writing a compelling product description is misunderstood. This post will introduce and explain the importance and how to write product descriptions that sell.

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Dual Distribution and Multi-channel Distribution.

Dual distribution and multi-channel marketing are two distinct ways for businesses to reach customers through different mediums. These strategies will sometimes compete with each other for similar customers or bring in new customers.

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Types of Channel Conflict and Channel Power

Understanding the different types of channel power and channel conflict can help you understand your current position in ongoing business relationships as well as how to avoid channel conflicts. In addition it will act as an aid for strategic decision making.

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3 types of Target Market Coverage every Marketing Manager should know

There are three different types of target market coverage every marketing manager should know; Intensive Distribution, Exclusive Distribution, and Selective Distribution. The afore-mentioned options allow businesses to distribute their offerings in many different and unique ways.

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