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How to write compelling product descriptions


How to write compelling product descriptions seems like a dying art to some business owners. After discussing product descriptions with a few business owners, I came to the conclusion that the art of writing a compelling product description is misunderstood. This post will introduce and explain the importance and how to write product descriptions that sell.

How to write compelling product descriptions by Mad Marketing Consultant in NYC. Write a product description that sells when you work with Mad Marketing.

What makes a good product description

Product descriptions are an art form and there just as important as the item it's referring to and its cost. Product descriptions can be used to give feeling to your product. The feelings can range from happiness to urgency as long as it's written professionally. Here's an example of a great product description from Dollar Shave Club. 

How to write a compelling product description that sells with your mad marketing consultant in NYC.

Not only does their product description mention the Executive Razors key attributes, but it continues to share with prospects that the blade is 'Muy sexy'. This part of the product description is important because it helps with your businesses branding efforts. When a product description is successfully composed it is a valuable storytelling method.

What to keep in mind when writing product descriptions

When Writing product descriptions for your business the first thing you should do is create a list of the beneficial attributes of your product. Like we saw with Dollar Shave Club, the Executive Razor has 6 stainless steel blades and a special trimmer. The list they used is a great way to list a product's attributes because it uses two special key points!

When listing your products attributes in your product description be sure to start the phrase with either a number or an action word.

Here are some great action words you can include in your product descriptions:

Designed, Crafted, Equipped, Specialized.

That's just a few actions words I used when working with on product descriptions for an eCommerce business based in Belgium. Feel free to use them anytime and if you think of any other one's please comment them below for other readers!

What else should I include to make my product descriptions sell

If you want product descriptions that sell you need to justify your price. Apple, one of the largest companies today sells expensive items. That means their product descriptions have to justify the price point. Take the iPhone X for example, the phone sells for around $1,000! Apple dedicates an entire page to the product description on their site to showcase the attributes and features of the phone. 

Now that you know the importance of product descriptions here are a few more examples that you may relate to.

How to write compelling product descriptions that sell with mad marketing consultat in NYC

Here's a Blazer from J. Crew. Their product description consists of features, storytelling, and how you can use or wear the blazer. Pay close attention to the price and the words used in the description. A blazer that looks this good is relatively inexpensive and just the right price for customers looking for it. You may notice that the product description doesn't try to oversell the blazer, instead, it compliments it.

How to write compelling product descriptions that sell with mad marketing consultant in NYC

Here's a suit sold at Nieman Marcus and designed by Tom Ford at a very, very high price point. Immediately, you notice the length of the product description. This product description shares the exclusive availability of the suit, features, and signature for Tom Ford. This item also comes with complimentary hemming and a brief about Tom Ford. Here you see that the product description acted as an aid to justify the high price. 

What not to include in your product descriptions

By now you've seen several examples of product descriptions and have a good idea on how to write your very own product descriptions that sell. However, there are a few things that should be stated when it comes to product descriptions and that's what not to include. One thing, you never want to do is try to oversell your product through your product description. When you oversell your product this way you're ultimately setting your customers up for disappointment. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you know that unsatisfied customers lead to poor reviews, a tarnished brand, increasing churn rates, and higher acquisition costs.

The next thing you want to stay away from is publishing a poorly written product description. If your product description is poorly written, you're better off not including one; however, don't leave it completely blank. Instead, just include any features of the product. Like what it's made of, or it's functionality. 

Now that you have a good idea of how to write a compelling product description that sells I wish you the best of luck. And of course, if you have any questions or advice feel free to get in touch by emailing me here!


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