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Tide Ad Super Bowl 2018 Commercial Ad Analysis

Tide Ad Super Bowl 2018 Commercial Ad Analysis

It's a Tide Ad! That's right, one of the most popular ads to air during Super Bowl 52 was a unique and comical Tide commercial. Sponsored by Procter & Gamble and crafted by Saatchi Saatchi NY. So, what made this ad so special? Sure it could be that Saatchi Saatchi NY has a strong creative team with years of experience or that Proctor & Gamble controls a large portion of the market and the funds to air critical spots. But what about the marketing strategy behind the ad? That's what we're going to analyze here!

If you haven't seen the ad Watch It Now! I embedded it in this post for your convenience.

David Harbour in It's a Tide Ad

The trending Tide Ad has already been viewed 1.9 million times on Youtube. So, what's making this ad work? For starters, there is a celebrity endorsement featuring David Harbour, who plays American Chief Officer Jim Hopper in a Netflix Original series, Stranger Things. Why did P&G choose Harbour for the Tide ad? According to Statista 31% of people ages, 18-29 have viewed every episode of Stranger Things and 23% of people, ages 30-44. These age groups mark the largest groups of people who have watched Stranger Things. Therefore, a large number of people are familiar with one of the Heroes of Stranger Things.

Tides Target Demographics

Now, we'll take a look at Tides' target demographics by infoscout. You will quickly find that, although slightly in the sample size, that people aged 24-34 are more likely to purchase tide. With this information, we can see why David Harbour was chosen for the ad. It seems that the same people who purchase tide have something in common with those who love Stranger Things.

Tide Ads Approach

According to Statista, Tide is the leading laundry detergent brand. This explains why the ad wasn't necessarily informative or hard selling. Instead, this ad was crafted to boost brand likability and maintain market share. In addition to the comical take, the ad also hosted a hashtag for social media. The hashtag is #TideAd, shown at the end of the spot. This is powerful, considering that most people within the target age demographics are on social media. 

How Did Tide Tie it All Together

Finally, we get to see how Tide tied it together. By mentioning it's a tide ad throughout the entirety of the ad it enabled people to remember the ad even if they were viewing the ad with low involvement. However, the Super Bowl is known for its commercials. This tells us that people were likely viewing the ads with high involvement. Not only did Tide make use of David Harbour, and make fun of other ads, but they successfully showcased the purpose of their product. 

If you didn't notice it before, watch the ad again! The shirts on the actors are amazingly clean and bright. The idea here seems that it's better to show the benefits of the product rather than tell prospects it works! 

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