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Professional marketing consultant ready to grow your business with online marketing and digital marketing. Advertising email automation, retargeting ads and more.

 Mad Marketing Consultant based in NYC. Serves to provide small to medium businesses with online growth hack strategies.

I am a professional Business/Marketing consultant with my own firm I provide services such as copywriting, content writing, SEO/SEM, Facebook ads, Google ads,  retargeting, digital design, photography, email marketing and much more. I currently hold degrees in Marketing, Journalism/Media Studies, and Studio Art from Brooklyn College.

I create persuasive, high-impact copy that directly increases your sales. I have copywriting experience from working at a high-end fashion photography agency, where I crafted their most viewed and most successful blog post. My most recent engagements include creating marketing content for a rapidly growing eCommerce business across various platforms, which include both strategy and writing for social media; email; blog; product descriptions, titles; and more.

I believe that marketers and copywriters should be accountable to their clients for a measurable ROI. My focus is to be a profit source for your business, not a cost one. I know how to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget. 

From this freelancing experience, I hope to build lasting relationships and of course, contribute to the growth of your business.


I am capable of running successful Facebook retargeting ads that will increase conversions and build social awareness around your business.

Google Analytics Beginner/Advance/E-commerce, and Google Adwords certificates of completion. I have taken the free courses and assessment tests offered by Google to gain a profound understanding of analytics and Adwords.

I have also completed HubSpot's Email Marketing, Content Strategy, and Inbound Marketing classes and exams. This means that I am certified in all of these marketing strategies at HubSpot Marketing standards.

National Society of Leadership & Success - Weekly meetings with a small group and leadership coach, enabling us to hold ourselves accountable for goals set.


College student is sick of it and decides to expose what he’s learned

He starts a website to share everything college taught him

 Mad Marketing Consultant based in NYC, Providing branding, onling marketing, digital marketing, and creative marketing services.

Bruno’s goal is to inspire upcoming marketers and guide young entrepreneurs towards success with an immense amount of marketing knowledge. In doing so he also hopes to create opportunities for other students. Here are some key pointers for how he plans to do this.

·       Uphold a strong blog to be used as a resource for students, marketers, and others

·       Offer his services in the form of traditional and online marketing

·       Connect job offerings to other talented students

You can find Bruno’s intriguing website by going to

Bobby Bruno, 24, is a college student at Brooklyn College, who is fed up with the education system. Bruno is on the verge of graduating with a degree in Marketing and Digital Arts and has decided to teach others everything he has learned.

This college student says, “I have finally accepted the fact that college is just a way of telling employers, hey, I can think. If I would have accepted that notion at the beginning of my college career I don’t think I would have made it this far.” He claims that he has learned as much outside the classroom as he did in it. Depressed by his realization he has been mad at work on his website where he plans to publish his teachings legally.