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Group Facetime Is Coming In IOS 12

Group Facetime is finally here!

Finally, the moment many iPhone users have been waiting for - Group Facetime! CEO Tim Cook, announces Group Facetime to be released in IOS 12 with many other updates, apps, and features. It is expected that Group Facetime will be released around September of 2018 along with a new app (Screen Time) that will allow users to track the amount of time they spend on their iPhone.

The Best of Apple's Newest Features and Updates

Group Facetime

Group Facetime IS HERE

Group Facetime will be available with IOS 12 allowing iPhone owners to facetime friends and family at large! Yes, at large! With the new group facetime feature, you will be able to facetime up to 32 people at once. This Feature will be available on various Apple devices as well. You will be able to use it on your iPhone and on your Mac. An added bonus is that it will be available for the Apple Watch (audio only). 

Screen Time

Apple has 6,000 developers working on an app that will track phone usage for iPhone users. This app offers iPhone users insights on how much they actually use their device and doing what on it. Additionally, the screen share app can act as a parental control app for concerned parents looking to monitor time their children spend on their phone. Studies show people are spending 3.3 hours on their devices on average, and Apple believes it's time to step in and urge people to interact more in the real world. It seems the screen time app is here to help us all realize just how much time are we giving up to be on our phones!

Give Back The Speed

Apple is boosting speed on new iPhones by up to 70% and returning speed to older iPhones. Many users sued Apple for slowing down the older models of the iPhone, although it took a while, Apple plans to restore speed!


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