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Yes, You Still Need A Business Card

You still need a business card - mad marketing agency 


If you're running an e-commerce shop, brick & mortar, or even freelancing - you still need a business card! I know what you're thinking the world shops online, and you're right. Online sales have been growing since the year 2000. According to Tech Crunch 8 in 10 US citizens are doing their shopping online. Still, you need a business card, and here's why.

Offline Still Exists

That's right! This one may seem like a no-brainer but building your brand presence offline is just as important for your business. A good business card represents your brand and shares your contact info with whoever receives it. When attending events, parties, classes, seminars or any gathering, your business card, will help keep you in the minds of those you meet. This is especially true if you have a great business card! When done right your business card can convert greetings into converting customers, or possibly new business opportunities. By having your social handles on your business card you can increase your online following which, in turn, can lead for long-term sales. 

Since business cards inexpensive, many new business owners consider them unworthy of their time. Still, they offer so many benefits for only around .05-.10 a piece. 


You need a business card and it can help you with retargeting

Handing out your business cards can also help bring in new traffic, and that can lead to retargeting. Think about it! Sure, you're thinking you would have to hand out a ton of cards. Not necessarily! Maybe you're hosting an event, or attending one? Great, you can easily pass a business card to every hand you shake or anyone who seems rather interested in your goods or services. 

This strategy will get people to visit your website. Once they visit your website, you'll be able to retarget them with ads since they've become interested. Additionally, you'll be able to create lookalike audiences to target people who are similar to them. This will allow you to experiment and broaden your Facebook audiences. 

No One To Share Your Business Card

Still, that shouldn't be stopping an entrepreneur like yourself. We're built off of guerilla marketing! What's Guerilla Marketing? It's low-cost, well planned, and well thought out moves designed to draw in prospects. So, how does this translate into, why you need still need a business card? This is for our creative thinkers! Unless you have a business card you're proud of, I don't recommend this strategy. 

Find a unique method to present your business card. Not to a person individually, but all at once, to a group of people. Consider laying them out on the floor in a creative way, in an area that is crawling with your ideal buyers. If your creative enough people will be compelled to swipe up your business cards, and If you're really creative, it'll be shared on social media. Which, is your ultimate goal with Guerilla Marketing.

This is Why You Still Need A Business Card

Increasing your social following, boosting site traffic, building business relationships, running successful ads, representing your brand in person, and possibly getting shared on social platforms by real people are all the reasons why you still need a business card.

Business cards aren't expensive and they can be useful for any venture! If you've made up your mind you can get a custom business card designed specifically for your business for only $30, and for another $20 we'll send you 500 cards (Sale Price). 

Custom Made Business Card Design
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You can get a custom-designed, business card that will snatch your prospects' attention and turn you into a serious competitor. If you want more customers, you'll have to look the part. A custom-designed business card will help with that!

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