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5 Ecommerce Photography Tips

5 best ecommerce product photography tips for ecommerce sites and amazon

You've launched your own e-commerce store or started selling on Amazon. You have your priorities in order, and you realized you're ready for more sales. So, what can help get you there? Clean, Sharp images of your products is a sure way for your products to get more attention from your prospects. If you're looking to DIY e-commerce photography, the following tips will get you started. 

You can use your cell phone

ecommerce product photography tips

Yes, you can use your cell phone. Not everyone has an expensive camera lying around, but almost everyone has a smartphone that already comes with a great camera. You might as well get some use out of it for things other than selfies! You want to make sure that your product fills up the image. This way you'll maximize the quality and sharpness of your image.

Use Natural Lighting

You don't need professional lighting equipment to get good shots for your product images. Natural lighting can do the trick most of the time. To get the light you need for the product image, you want to shoot on a sunny day next to a window that brings in a lot of natural light.

Be sure to have the source of light behind you rather than in front of you. Photography means Light Writer, so you'll need to control the light source. You can bounce the light back on to your product by using paper. It's really that simple, and it'll help you get rid of unwanted shadows.

Get a White Box for your E-commerce Photography

If you're looking to get your product images for close to nothing, you can use everyday printing paper as your background. If it doesn't have any bends, it'll be difficult to tell for the average eye. Still, if you're aiming for better quality product images, you may want to invest in a White box.

A White box is just that. It's a box with 4 walls, all in White. With a White box, you don't have to worry about how you're going to setup your White space, because it's taken care of for you. Another benefit, of the White box, is that most of them come with lights. You won't have to worry about the time of day, or about the weather. Sometimes, you'll be excited to list a product and start getting sales. But, if you're constrained to the weather, you'll have to wait, and White boxes are relatively cheap.

Click here to see the Lightbox I use for my clients!

Clean Your Images for A Better Look

5 tips on ecommerce product photography

This is the ultimate e-commerce product photography trick. The truth is, it's not a trick at all, but you'd be surprised how many people aren't doing this! Clean your product images for a better look - that's it! Before you even start taking pictures, make sure that everything is clean. That means double-checking your White space and eliminating any dirt or dust you may find.

It also means being sure that on its own, your product looks great. There's nothing wrong with taking a few minutes to swiftly wipe down or brush off your merchandise. If you want other people to pay you for it you, it has to be attractive. Of course, there are times when you won't be able to get everything perfect, and that's alright.

If you have access to Photoshop, it'll make for a great life saver. Once your image is taken, you can upload it to Photoshop. Start by masking your product, and use your curves tool to make sure your background is super White. Next, you can use the Spot Healing Brush tool, to remove any specs from your product and it'll look like there was nothing ever there.

If you got something from these 5 e-commerce photography tips, feel free to drop a comment below to share your work with others. Or if you have any questions about taking better product images for your e-commerce website; or third party market platforms like Amazon, and eBay let me know! I'll be glad to answer your questions directly or create another article with a more in-depth answer. 

And lastly, if you've gotten to the point where your team no longer has time to do product photography in-house and you're looking to outsource you can always contact me via email!

Good luck!


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