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SEO Basics Tutorial: SEO Essentials for Beginners

SEO Basics - Everything you need to know about SEO and SEO Best practices

What is SEO

If you're here, it's probably because you're running your very own operation. So, I want to say congrats! It takes guts to run something on your own, whether it's your personal blog or a business. Now, if you're looking to increase traffic you want to know what SEO is, and the big secrets about SEO, that no one else is sharing.

So, we're going to explore SEO basics and some of the advanced secrets that people aren't sharing freely. To start, what is SEO? SEO is how Google will rank your website in searches. Google will take into account both on and off-page SEO and continue to rank your site based on relevance, importance, and performance.

Why Do You need to Know these SEO Basics?

You want your audience or customers to find you right? Of course, you do, and this SEO basics tutorial will help make that happen. Surely, you're aware of the many other ways to get people to your site, other than these SEO basics. BUT, the BIG difference is that SEO is practically free! By being a little creative and giving time to writing something valuable for your prospects, you can start converting!

Not only will you notice a rise in traffic but for an e-commerce business, you know that you'll be increasing the top of your sales funnel. And you know what that means, more sales! For all the marketers, that mean more sales dollars for as little as a fraction of your campaign budget.


SEO BASICS: Understanding a Keyword and a Key Phrase

SEO Basics keyword and keyprhase seo basics explained

As you saw in the image above, in SEO Basics a keyword is a single word that someone will type into Google search. A key phrase uses multiple words in order to find a more specific item on the web. In most cases when using a simple keyword you're facing heavy competition. Therefore, you'll be targeting prospects who are much further from completing a purchase, because they aren't searching for anything specific.

If you have retail experience in brick-&-mortar, you can use this analogy. People searching for sneakers on the web are similar to people shopping through the windows. People searching for Red high-top Nikes are actually walking into the store and becoming real foot-traffic.

So, if there's one thing you can take with you from this SEO Basics tutorial, it's that using key phrases (also known as Long Tails) can be valuable to your business.

SEO BASICS: Where to Place your Keywords and Key Phrases

SEO Basics tutorial for SEO beginners. Get your SEO essentials now!

Here's a search for the key phrase, "Tide Ad Analysis". This is my article, on the 2018 Super Bowl Tide commercial. It's on the very first page of Google, as the very first listing - beating out AdAge, The Washington Post, and many others. How did I do that, you ask? Easy, and you're going to learn the most important steps of SEO Basics right now!

By looking at the graphic above, you'll notice there are a total of four individual indicators. The Key Phrase, the title of your article, the Meta Title, and the Meta Description.

Whenever writing new content have a keyword or key phrase in mind. You'll need to include your keyword in your Meta Title, Meta Description, and the actual title of your work to really boost your chances of getting a high rank. Still, there is more you'll need to do. Fortunately, it's easy and I know you can do it!

Use your keyword or key phrase throughout the body of your text. This will increase the number of times your search term comes up on your page. Lastly, make sure to include your search term in the subheadings of your content. By using the SEO Basics you've learned a lot at this point. You're about ready to start implementing these SEO Basics into your own content.

But what do you do after you've used these SEO Basics for your website?

How to Measure your success

You'll need to know how to measure the success of your SEO Basics! I wasn't going to send you off on a mission, and not explain how you can measure your own success. All you need to do is to claim your site on Google Search Console and go to search analytics. There, you can find the search terms you're currently ranking for as well as impressions, CTR (click-through rates), and position.

Advanced SEO Technique

Now, you're officially ready to take this SEO Basics Tutorial out for a spin. This SEO basics tutorial took everything there is to know about SEO into consideration and boiled it down to the bare essentials. There'll be more SEO techniques, tools, tricks, and tips coming in the near future. However, when you subscribe to my newsletter you'll receive more ways to grow your online business now!



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