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When implementing a marketing mix you should consider this!

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Marketing Implementation is the execution of the marketing strategy. This part of the marketing program is crucial in that it can lead a company to success or failure. A company that succeeds in implementing its marketing program strategically also has a higher likelihood of success. Some key points to be considered when implementing a marketing program is timing, the logistical aspects of a marketing program (Kerin and Peterson 580), and synchronization.

Timing plays a big role in implementing a marketing program. As seen in the case of Matilda Bay Wine cooler, by Miller Brewing Company, a product that may have been well received by the market failed because of poor timing. First, Matilda Bay Wine Cooler was released during the Fall which is a slow season for wine. Second, the wine cool market was seeing a decline at the time of Matilda’s release.

Another key point in marketing implementation is the logistic aspects of the marketing program. A great example is when Holly Farms introduced its roasted chicken. The roasted chicken was well received by consumers; however, Holly Farms discovered that their roasted chicken had a shelf life of only 18 days and it took 9 days to move the product from production to supermarkets. This created an issue for Holly Farms as they couldn’t expect supermarkets to sell roasted chicken with a shelf life of days from point of arrival. This would’ve caused an issue for the supermarkets as well as Holly. In light of this finding, Holly Farms pulled its national release.

If Holly Farms has seen this issue earlier they may have created a new method to decrease or eliminate shipping time. In stores like Stop & Shop today they have rotisserie chicken made in the store, completely eliminating shipping time and drastically undercutting the constraint that Holly Farms faced.

Lastly, there is synchronization between the internal operations of the business and its marketing-mix. If a company is going to include in its marketing-mix fast shipping, or 24/7 customer service, or launch large-scale ad campaigns for a specific product the organization would need to prepare for the outcome of their efforts.

There are some varying factors that will require a business to synchronize its internal operations to meet the requirements of the market. For example, businesses that are seasonal need to prepare for their strongest season. Party City is known for selling huge amounts of costumes during Halloween. To synchronize with the season they hire employees temporarily in order to meet the direct demand in stores. They also prepare by stocking up on inventory so that they can turn away fewer customers and benefit from the boost in sales.

When a business is launching a large-scale ad campaign for a product they should also prepare for the response of the market. If they are expecting a boost in sales as a result of their advertisements they should consider increasing staff such as salespeople and customer service representatives. They should also evaluate the amount of inventory necessary so that they aren’t turning away too many customers.

Implementing a marketing program is a rigorous task and all things should be considered from negative and positive outcomes of a marketing programs efforts. Marketing Managers should pay attention equally to both the implementation as well as the formulation of the marketing program since these two go hand in hand.


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