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Top 10 Best Marketing Books

Top 10 Best Marketing books and Business books

I'm a huge fan of reading, and currently a marketing manager in the B2B industry so being up to date in the world of marketing -- both online and offline is crucial! After reading so many books revolving around the marketing landscape, I was able to list some of my latest favorites, and some of my personal best marketing books! This list of best marketing books will help you become a more well-rounded marketer, blogger, or influencer and should be on your "books to read" list!

1. Contagious



Contagious is one of my absolute favorites as it gives you real-life examples of real businesses succeeding through strategic, viral marketing. The most interesting part about this book is its focuses on the human factor of viral marketing. It emphasizes the importance of off-the-web marketing, or word of mouth (WOM).

For example, it mentions a restaurant that charges $100 for a Philly Cheese Steak! That price is ridiculous, no? Yet, it got people talking and spreading the word about a pricey sandwich. With a price tag like that, you would expect that cheesesteak to be amazing, and sharing it, would make you seem like you're

"In The Know!"

Being in the know, or having social currency is only one of Jonah Bergers, 6 key points to going viral. Click here to find this book!


2. 500 Social Media Marketing Tips


500 social media marketing tips is a great book for those starting or currently overseeing any social media platforms. It provides you with tools to use for content creation and even has personal strategies used by a professional social media marketer. Andrew MacCarthy goes through a multitude of content ideas for social platforms from Facebook to Pinterest and even dabbles in the blogging arena. PLUS, there are 500 tips to help you, like the following:

Some digital marketing agencies will tell you to throw your logo onto all of your Instagram or Facebook posts, but MacCarthy goes against that, and I agree! He states that by branding every image with your logo makes your content less shareable. Instead, you should be branding your images with your own personal style. This can be done with color choice, editing, and even composition - to give your images that YOU feeling. 

Click here to view 500 Social Media Marketing tips on Amazon!


3. Growth Hacker Marketing


In recent years growth hacking was all the rage in the land of business marketing, but you don't hear as much about it today (it's more about blockchain). Still, that doesn't mean you shouldn't know about growth hacking, it's a huge mistake to skip this part in your knowledge of marketing. 

Ryan Holiday uses Growth Hacker Marketing to share real-life growth strategies used by businesses like Airbnb and Dropbox. As you know, these businesses are successful, and once you see how they started you'll know how it all happened so fast! But that's not all Holiday discusses, he uses them and others to introduce the innovative aspect of marketing which is essential in all marketing domains. 

Click here to view Growth Hacker Marketing on Amazon!


4. SEO 2018: Learn Search Engine Optimization with Smart Marketing Strategies


Adam Clarke's SEO 2018 is a great way to starting off your SEO efforts. I would call it an ultimate guide to starting SEO as it gives you a handful of tools, free and paid, that you can use for your own list building, link building, keyword research and more. Personally, I say any one who creates content for a website or Youtube Channel should have already read or is planning to do so in the nearby future. 

SEO is the fuel to the organic highway (links) of the web and if you're creating content I'm sure you want others to see it without paying for Google Shopping, Text, of Local ads for every piece of content you generate. This book will give you the ins and outs of SEO to help you dive in and boost your organic traffic! 


5. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing, by Keith Fugate, is a great introduction to the realm of being an influencer! It doesn't detail out the steps to becoming an influencer; however, it does open doors to a new world of generating passive income using your new "celebrity status," and that's why it's on the list today. 

This book's great for anyone starting out on their journey to becoming an influencer, or someone who already boasts over 30k followers on Instagram. Besides, the earlier you start learning about the affiliate marketing world the better you'll be when your views, shares, and retweets start carrying weight! 


6. The Quick and Easy way to effective speaking


This book is a little farfetched for what most people think of as marketing; however, I think it offers a lot of value, that can be translated into what we do. I say, marketing is closely tied in with sales and communication -- this book, will make you better at both!

For starters, it stresses the importance of knowing your audience, which is important for every marketer, no matter the industry. It also sheds light on the importance of being knowleagable and passionate about your topic -- in our case, product or service. By being knowlegeable about your product/service you can better explain it (sell it) to your prospects. By being passionate about it you can get others excited about it too!


7. The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding


The 22 Immutable Laws of branding gives you an idea of how products can be pushed and how perception is key to your brand. Luckily, it shares some great historical events in terms of marketing. Like how Jell-O got its start during a time when Jell-O was usually Yellow and people thought it was disgusting! So, if you're looking to learn more about the perception of your business and even naming strategies this is a book to tap into.

8. Everybody Writes


Everybody Writes by Ann Handley is essential for anyone who writes! Yep, every one writes and that's why it's a must, even for you! When creating any type of content this book hits it all and shatters the writing structure you learned in school. You'l learn how to write with a unique personable voice, how to break writing rules, and how to use cliche's in an acceptable way. 

All in all, Everybody Writes is hands down the perfect book for writers at all levels. The book is broken up into sections where you learn how to restructure your writing, technical grammatic tips and much, much more!

9. Marketing to the New Majority


You made it this far down the list of my top 10 best marketing books so you've noticed I pointed out the importance of knowing your audience with one of the previous books. Marketing to the New Majority, goes above and beyond with real statistics on generations, and ethnicities living in the US -- how's that for technical?

David Burgos and Ola Mobolade share valuable insights on audiences including immediate and extended family living situations among various ethnicities. Wouldn't it be great to know who influences your buyers to make that purchase? That's what I thought, and that's just the tip of the iceberg with this book.

10. Marketing Analytics: A practical guide to real marketing science


The last book on this list is Marketing Analytics by Mike Grisby, but definitely not the least. This is actually the most technical book on this list -- Why? Because anyone can say they're a marketer but unless you have real quantitative skills you're a marketer without a head! 

Marketing science, data, analytics are aren't going away for anytime soon and I couldn't wait to wrap my head around one of the most important aspects of marketing. This book starts off slow with a brief overview of statistics but will quickly expose you to the good stuff like who is most likely to buy and how to target? 

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this list of my top 10 best marketing books!


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