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Finding Cheap Wholesale Products for Resale

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Finding wholesale Products to Sell

Finding wholesale products at a price that works for you and your business isn’t always easy. That’s because a lot of wholesale suppliers don’t operate with disposable income for marketing. On top of that, we see that the world is increasingly shifting towards a digital shopping preference. So what does that mean for wholesalers who already don’t have a marketing budget? That means they need to create a website. That’s right, there are millions of wholesale companies out their that still don’t have a website. You would need to meet people in person and find them through networking. Not only do they need to create a website, they then need to market and position it properly.

In most cases, that means making you pay a monthly fee to discover the existence of online wholesalers. That seems to be the go to for wholesalers. However, the competition is outrageous on these wholesale directory sites. Many of which, aren’t even vetted. That means you can easily be purchasing from a company that takes months to deliver a case of poor quality goods.

If you’ve been in the business, for some time you’re aware that having to eat your inventory is really not a good way to start, or maintain a business. It can be extremely costly. But a lot of the times there really isn’t anything that can be done about it. A lot of wholesalers no longer offer samples, as there has been so many scammers who claim they will purchase a ton of product, with no actual intention of placing a real order.

With all of that being said, how can you find wholesale product to sell today? The best way to find a wholesaler, is to find people who have access to wholesalers and who have already been through the experience. Someone, who won’t really gain from, or isn’t paid specifically, to list or mention them.

Before actually searching for a company though, it makes the most sense to get an understanding of what you’re looking for. Are you looking for wholesale apparel? Maybe you’re looking for wholesale shoes, only you would know. As you know your customer better than anyone.

On your search for finding cheap wholesale products for resale you may learn a lot of online wholesalers are requiring a minimum dollar amount for any order. This stops so many of people making transactions as they’re not willing to part with so many dollars on a single order. Especially, if it’s their first time purchasing. Therefore, I recommend shopping with a wholesaler who doesn’t have a minimum dollar amount. Instead, find a wholesaler that sells only by the case pack.

Drop shipping

A lot of my clients, friends, and even myself are running Shopify stores. In my opinion this is the best way to start an eCommerce business. Yes, many of you may actually start out drop shipping, and there really isn’t anything wrong with that. However, once your business starts to grow you need to have more control over every aspect of your business. That includes logistics, and quality control. Therefore, you may be on the search to move your drop shipping into, in-house shipping and possibly warehousing. This will allow you to really control, promote, and expand your business and brand.

By ordering wholesale case packs, you’ll be able to decrease your cost of goods, decrease shipping costs, and speed up shipping time. If you’re finding yourself in the position of a healthy growing business than you’re probably already on the search for a trustworthy wholesale supplier that can meet your needs.

U.S. Based Wholesaler

Originally, I was hesitant about sharing this supplier with you. I mean it is my go to secret sauce for finding cheap wholesale products for resale. But, after careful consideration I realized not everyone is ready to take their retail or online business to the next step. So, this supplier is great for those who know what they’re looking for and are ready to help their business grow. In some cases it can be a great way to start up your business. Especially, if you’re looking to start your business with a great amount of control.

All Time Trading, is one of the fastest growing wholesale suppliers based in the United States. With over 100,000 products in over 100 categories it’s literally a mega mall for business owners. You’ll find everything you’re looking for from wholesale apparel to consumer electronics and more! Since they require a minimum dollar amount they have been able to create strong relationships with their customers.

At this point in time, you may or may have not heard of them. However, that just means you’re really missing out on a gold mine of wholesale products for resale. They’re serving thousands and thousands of business, non-profit organizations, and government agencies every day.

On top of carrying the grandest variety of products available, they also throw in award - winning support representatives. You can literally call and get in touch with a real rep in seconds, or use their state of the art live chat system during business hours.

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